Our Friends

Jerry Pesce – Pesceffects

When you think artwork, you don’t always think art on metal. Jerry is a fantastic artist and his take on pop culture icons is truly fantastic.  We first met Jerry at Days of the Dead: Culture Shock in Indianapolis and were hooked on his art from the start. We ended up buying 3 Metal Prints and a poster print that day.  We have since bough 3 more of his metal prints and make sure to post them proudly. Fantastic art, fantastic man and you won’t be disappointed.

Greg Horn – The Art of Greg Horn

You may or may not recognize the art but Greg has lot of his artwork out there are comic books. His details are amazing. This is another artist we can’t help to check out every time to see what is new. If your a big Marvel/DC/Indy/Video Game Art fan then you will be a fan of his work. Make sure you look at the lithographs also.

Dave The Dead – The Shadow Farm

The figurines this guy makes are creepy but adorable. We have picked up multiple from him over the years. Each has their own unique look and expression. You will never get two that are the exact same.  If you like the horror or creepy side of things yet want that conversation piece for your collection, then you got to pick up some of this guys work.

Geeky Endeavors

Based out of Indiana, they make some of the best chainmail wares your geeky heart could desire. Everything from metal bikinis and gauntlets to custom charm necklaces and bracelets. This group make you feel welcome and make sure you leave satisfied with what you got. We have 3 Necklaces and a bracelet already from them with multiple charms. Im sure more will come in time.

Mikes Comics and Games

Located in Downtown New Baltimore, Michigan. It has become the best place to go for Comics, Role Playing, and Board Games. Go check them out if your ever in the area.

Jay Langley – Scarebears

Jay is a Freelance Artist that has had the opportunity to have his craft get a lot of publicity.  Scarebears are Horror Plush animals that he hand makes and look absolutely awesome. His plush animals come in all different styles and have different artistic effects to them.  Celebrities have been photographed with some of his work and even signed some to be auctioned off for charity.  If your into the horror scene and like something different from that teddy you sleep with at night, then check out his site and e-mail him for more informaiton or visit him at one of the many events he attends.