About Us



In over 30 years I have been to a lot of conventions and had the opportunities to shake the hands of a lot of celebrities.  As the youtube review and critic craze began, I was working as a volunteer for as many events around the Metropolitan Detroit Area that I could and was even a volunteer DJ for an online radio station called MMORadio.  I eventually graduated Baker College in 2013 with an Associates in Networking – Microsoft & Bachelors in Information Technology and Security – Microsoft Minor.

I currently have a night (7pm to 7am) job working for a Worldwide IT Services firm here in Michigan as a System Administrator. When I am not working I am still giving back to the community though causes like the Make a Wish Foundation, Wounded Warriors Project and American Cancer Society.  After getting married to Spootychick in 2013, I took her to a convention here in Michigan which started this entire endeavor. We get the unique opportunity to see conventions from a different light then most attendees and fans.  There are huge logistical and organization elements to be solved and sometimes things need to be done on the fly.

We don’t just talk with the guests like most attendees to these events but also security personnel, guest agents, event organizers and so many more. All this allows us to see what a convention does well and what they may need improvement on. No convention is perfect as they will have problems year in and out but our reviews and unbiased opinions can give you a glimpse into what events you may want to attend or avoid. Of course we collect, play video games and enjoy movies also. If we feel its worth reviewing in those areas, we typically do.

Oh and if you see me at a convention, don’t hesitate to stop me and say hello.  I may be on my way to record a panel or to even interview someone but that doesn’t mean I don’t have time to shake your hand and say hello also.